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IRRADIATIOR "Northern Quebec Speedcore Attack" LP
I Owe You Nothing Records

IRRADIATIOR "Northern Quebec Speedcore Attack" LP

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I OWE YOU NOTHING is proud to collaborate with the newly mythical Val d'Or label, POUET NOIZE, for the publication of another group from Abitibi-Témiscamingue who, like a humiliated, enclosed cyclops child and forgotten in a mine basement for too long, comes out with blood on his teeths and a rage worthy of a Michael Myers ... IRRADIATOR released two demos in 1988 and 1989. The first demo of 25 titles must be frankly considered as one of the most brutal recordings in the history of HC / Speed ​​music in Quebec. Fully influenced by groups like SIEGE, NAPALM DEATH, DISCHARGE and other shock combos, the recording method do justice to the brutality of the demo : 4-tracks machine, every nob at 11 and ungodly noisey distortion to put on your knees and beg for mercy.. Only such a species filled with anger and having to face the throes of the freezing winter of the region, can play this kind of noise ... This is the kind of thing that we record because it is the only option if we want to avoid sinking into murderous madness and spilling blood in the pure waters of the esker .... The second demo of 1989 is more in the punk vein to the MOPO MOGO on the acid but always in your face. Of course, everything have been remastered by Will Killingsworth of Dead Air studios from original copies of the demos with a 4 panel folding sleeve made by Darrin Crosgrove including an interview with the singer, photos from his archives and the lyrics. All cutted in '' loud '' mode for a hearing butchery.