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Official reissue of this Australian "post punk" classic from 1981 that sounds so much like Bauhaus it's crazy! this is the 6th in the series of Shake/Savage records reissues of some of the best punk ever to come from Australia. By 1980, punk as we knew it was having a bit of a personality crisis. The Pistols we dead and buried, The Clash had lost the plot and...Oh No! come the Mohawks. After nearly 3 years (and nearly as many chords) THE YOUNG IDENTITIES decided to try something different if not entirely distant. They still get a buzz from fast and sinister music so they change their name to KICKS and release a very limited edition cassette singe titled 'Leather/Godzilla'. Sounding fresh, brash and furious but with more depth than previously heard, the boys continued to expand on the new noise with the 1981 vinyl double A side follow up 'Return of the Action Man/The Secret' The single sold well locally and was an acknowledged influence on new and upcoming bands like Mystery of Sixes and Public Execution. Officially though, it was to be Kicks last recorded release, until now...where thanks to the good folk of 540 records it raises it ugly hydra-head again!

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