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KNOTS "Action / Heartbreaker" 7"
Last Laugh Records

KNOTS "Action / Heartbreaker" 7"


Completely analog reissue from original masters. "The Knots hailed from New York and while they were together they recorded five songs and only released two of them on this 7″ in 1980. The single was released by a local label called Ideal Records whose owner liked the band enough to want to pay for them to record a record for him to release. There’s a reason this record fetches big money and that is because it is two songs of early punk perfection. The band has a strong Heartbreakers/Dead Boys/ New York Dolls influence but were a hair faster than those bands yet equally catchy. The guitar sound and vocals have a very strong Johnny Thunders influence but are played at a faster volume. Both songs have great hooks, great guitar licks and great energy. These songs are everything that made punk rock so special and it makes sense that people go crazy looking for this single because once you hear it you can’t get it out of your head and you can’t get enough of it. I can’t believe that this single wallowed in obscurity for three decades before getting a proper reissue. This single is a musical goldmine but thankfully you won’t need an actual goldmine to hear and own it anymore." -