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KOMINTERN SECT "Les Seigneurs De La Guerre" Tape
Foreign Legion Records

KOMINTERN SECT "Les Seigneurs De La Guerre" Tape


It's hard to pick out the influences on Komintern Sect's 1983 debut LP. The band's songs on the 'Apocalypse Chaos' compilation were clear nods to England's No Future scene, but a year later they emerged more stylized and refined. Elements of the British sound were punctuated with somber guitar leads and vocal melodies that always seem to climb when you least expect. The band became the figurehead of the thriving French Oi scene, eventually releasing several LPs and helping bring international attention to a scene that was shrouded in mystery outside of continental Europe. The band is still active today. This record is a reminder of when punk and skinhead music was still evolving from single cells - dividing and growing limbs to hammer away at animal skin stretched across wood and desperately shout "Oi!" into the blazing sun. Vive Oi. Vive la Komintern Sect. Official cassette reissue. 100 copies.