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LYSOL "On the Corner" LP
Deranged Records

LYSOL "On the Corner" LP

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How often do we witness punk bands that seem to rebirth effortless clones of themselves when their previous projects disband? It seems unfamiliar to catch a band that challenge, and progress with their sound. The now expired Freak Vibe has reformed with their new vocalist, Gabe Gutierrez as L.I. (aka Lysol). Gabeǃˆ_—_•s earnest vocals are a breathe of fresh air from a sound that was beginning to be pastiche of a signature Australian howl that once co-existed within the band. The swampy, reverb drenched guitar of Chad Bucklew are still accompanied by the pummeling and driving rhythm section of Xtine Lundberg and Anthony Gaviria who keep locked as Gabe expels his words, and give Chad room to displace his breaking fuzzed out tone. The sound still take odes to the 60ǃˆ_—_•s and 70ǃˆ_—_•s, but now with bottled intensity of the early 80ǃˆ_—_•s. The soundtrack of overtly caffeinated, chain smoking freaks.