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LA URSS "Nuevo Testamento" LP
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LA URSS "Nuevo Testamento" LP

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After their last full length in 2015, Spain's La URSS is back with a new 10 song LP titled "Nuevo Testamento." It's not every band that can release three great albums, let alone FOUR. I've said this before, but La URSS continue to get better and better, honing their craft further, expanding on harmonies and different time signatures. They are able to switch flawlessly from chanted dirges to driving melodic punk at the drop of a dime. From the trance-inducing track simply titled "ǃˆ_—_____¨_" to the wild and ripping "Confianza Racional en la Accion Dinamica," La URSS flex their musical chops like never before to the listener's enjoyment. The cover art is minimalist, an apparent comment on modern day's technological worship, for better or worse. Cracked and broken. If you know La URSS, you know they are a rare group that is amazing both live and recorded. If you don't, you need to remedy that and pick up "Nuevo Testamento" right away.