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Lackey Die were the first hardcore band from the small city of Charlottesville, Virginia. They were part of the same scene as The Landlords and The Beef People. While both of those bands had records come out on Catch Trout Records, Lackey Die never got a chance to release a record. In February 1984 they recorded six songs for a 7" at Floodzone Studios in Richmond, VA. (same spot where White Cross and Unseen Force did their LPs). After that the band went on hiatus for close to a year until they were offered a spot on the Catch Trout Records compilation I'll Walk With Fish. In March 1985 they went to the now-famous Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA to record with Don Zientara. This session produced three songs for the compilation and several outtakes. For various reasons, the 7" and compilation they recorded for were never released! This 7" contains eight songs, the four best cuts from both sessions. All songs have been tediously restored and remastered from the original reel-to-reels. This release is fully authorized and is limited to 500 copies w/ hand-screened sleeves.

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