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From Rovaniemi, Finland, this second album plays a little less hardcore than the first one. The record sounds very classic from the very first notes and will be put away close to the ones by TRISTESS and YOUNG WASTENERS. Co-release with KŠmŠset Levyt and Roku. Sorry state review: "2nd LP from this Finnish punk/HC band. I haven't heard their debut, but word is that they've gotten a bit more melodic on this releases... however they got here, I LOVE how this turned out. It reminds me a lot of the catchier end of 80s European HC... bands like Upright Citizens, Appendix, or maybe even Melakka. Modern bands like Hjerte Stop might also be an apt comparison, but this feels a little more authentic and less retro than that. At any rate, these guys know how to write a song while still keeping it intense and hardcore. This is a must for fans of new or old Finnish punk."

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