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LAST CRUSADE "S/T (Demo)" 7"
Longshot Music

LAST CRUSADE "S/T (Demo)" 7"


Last Crusade is Rebellion Records' next British Oi! sensation that we recently signed! In 2014 the band released the four songs below as a digital demo, but in all honesty, these songs are FAR too good to 'just' be distributed digitally, so early 2015 they get the vinyl release they deserve! Because Last Crusade's 2014 demo is probably one of the best Oi! demo's that got released last year. A clean, rockin' Oi! sound influenced by the likes of The Templars, Camera Silens, Snix and Warrior Kids that is bound to hit it big in 2015! An absolute killer release that features three own tracks and the cover "Personne" originally done by the Warrior Kids! Impressive as hell and hopefully many more 'crusades' will follow by this new UK Oi! band!

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