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LAST RIGHTS "Chunks / So Ends Our Night" 7"
Taang Records

LAST RIGHTS "Chunks / So Ends Our Night" 7"


"Featuring legendarily notorious vocalist Jack “Choke” Kelly after the dissolution of his first band Negative FX and before the rise of the apparently still extant Slapshot, Beantown HC nuts surely know Last Rights well, and those cuckoo over indie-rock might actually recognize them for “Chunks,” a song fellow Massachusetts act Dinosaur Jr. tackled on the flip of their “Just Like Heaven” 12-inch (Last Rights’ sole gig was with D.Y.S., Outpatients, and Deep Wound, the latter the HC unit of J Mascis and Lou Barlow pre-Dino). Given its marriage of density and gargantuan hard-rock riffing, it’s no surprise “Chunks” ended up in Dinosaur’s book of covers. Not nearly as strong but still agreeable (i.e. a solid b-side) is “So Ends Our Night,” which succeeds mainly due to the sing-along elements of its chorus being enveloped in ample guitar residue. Like “Chunks,” its lyrical concerns do point to the testosterone-soaked sensibilities that caused many to leave HC behind, but “So Ends Our Night” persists as quite effective, and it completes a killer one-shot 7-inch."