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Self Aware Records


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This band has progressed tremendously in the short time they have been a band. I say that even though they released a stellar demo tape earlier in the year. This LP documents that progression with a lot more of a focused sound and also introduces a lot more interplay between all of the 3 members as they all share vocals parts and seem to bounce ideas off of each other. What does it sound like you ask? Well it would feel at home in the late 80s and early 90s on SST, Dischord, and maybe even Sub Pop, but don't feel ready to just ring them up as some 90s rehash band. While the songwriting is cohesive and focused the band seems to be drawing many different types of music that have influenced them over the years. Nothing seems off limits and everything is on the table. They do all this while sounding undeniably like themselves. The band features ex and current members of Meth Mountain, Obstruction, Pullman Strike, Scout, Planet Piss, Horse Thief, and many others.

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