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"Debut 12" from this Finnish punk band. When I heard about this release from the label it was presented to me as "Suomi punk in between Lama and Ratsia" and it had a link to a BandCamp site. I listened to the song and my first thought was "that description doesn't make any sense, but this is awesome anyway." So what DOES this sound like? I'm really hard-pressed for any quick and easy band comparisons... the music is super complex, but very catchy and even melodic. I'd be willing to bet that Everything Falls Apart-era Husker Du is an influence, but by no means the only one. Honestly, I can see this band as working in a similar vein to fellow contemporary Finns like Kykloppien Sukupputto or Sokea Piste, but whereas those bands play gnarly hardcore, Lebakko is playing catchier punk, but with the same density of sound and a similar spirit of weirdness and originality. At the end of the day, though, this is a fantastic punk LP that really sounds like NOTHING else. Really fantastic." -

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