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LIPID "Nuclear Masturbation" Tape
Vinyl Conflict Label

LIPID "Nuclear Masturbation" Tape


Second cassette from this hardcore band out of Richmond, Virginia. Having seen them live I expected Nuclear Masturbation to have a strong d-beat vibe, but it’s way more original than that. How it’s not quite hardcore, punk, d-beat, or metal makes me think of records like Crucifix’s Dehumanization and Agnostic Front’s Victim in Pain, gritty and primitive records that feel 100% honest and devoid of bullshit. I doubt that early 80s NYHC is much of an influence on Lipid, but “Obey the Whip” even reminds me of the Abused. I don’t think this is streaming online anywhere yet so you’ll just have to trust me, but this is some rad punked-up hardcore. - sorry state