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"Let's not beat around the bush, this single is likely to end up at the top of my 2012 singles list unless something pretty spectacular comes out between the time of me writing this and Dec. 31. I'd also go as far as saying that if Low Culture releases an album this year then it stands a pretty good chance of placing high in my 2012 album list too. Okay, time to rewind and tell you something about this little beauty. Low Culture includes a pair of Shang-a-Langs, one of whom also happens to currently be in the Marked Men. That information alone should set your ears perking up in anticipation at the four tracks on this slab-o'-vinyl. However, despite the quality of output offered by those two bands, it would be wrong to think of this as just another offshoot band or an attempt to cash in on the Shang-a-Lang name. That is because Low Culture has more than enough about it to stand head and shoulders above many other bands currently plying a trade under the prestigious banner of punk/garage/snotty pop-punk or, for that fact, general music." -

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