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MAHO NEITSYT "Vuosikymmenen Havittaminen" LP
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MAHO NEITSYT "Vuosikymmenen Havittaminen" LP


The missing link between being killed by death and getting bombed by Russia, Finland's Maho Neitsyt from Kuusankoski are a group of sloppy noise makers that perfected the art of simple and (painfully) short songs. Rough vocals and fuzzy guitar, poured over a very energetic drummer make every song a fist clenching, chair throwing experience as you find yourself again screaming “This song kicks ass!!”. With a discography spread across six 7 inches, two tapes and a few comp tracks some kind soul has taken it upon themselves to put all these songs in one place for your listening pleasure, because sellers on discogs are making it damn sure you wont be able to. It's punk, its from Finland, its fucked and its absolutely necessary.