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MARRON "Terrenos" LP
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MARRON "Terrenos" LP


Hardcore from the heart with a critical mind. This is the debut full length from Marrón and they are quite simply one of the better and more important hardcore bands to come out of California in the past few years. Musically, they will hit the sweet spot for those that love Dischord and Revolution Summer-era bands. Marrón are also one of the more thoughtful bands when it comes to lyric writing as they stray away from "catch phrase" lyrics that so many other bands tend to overuse. Just read the words to "Lumbre" or "Reflect" and see for yourself. Overall, this record is a breath of fresh air and highly recommended. For those keeping track, this band has members of Descarados, Tragatelo, Esperanza, and Mugre. The record packaging features a beautiful linocut print by Oaxacan artist Pavel Acevedo. The record also comes with a fold out poster.

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