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MAUSER/D-CLONE/FOLKEIIS "Complete Aural Turmoil" Split 7"
Hardcore Survives

MAUSER/D-CLONE/FOLKEIIS "Complete Aural Turmoil" Split 7"

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MAUSER is our first appearance, DOH, I see this is terrific! Disturbing brutal noisy low slash as if like a Japanese hardcore that violence of the ANTI CIMEX is fierce! Japan engage bands are FOLKEIIS 1st EP thorough D-CLONE became D-Beat punk band now represents Japan and Finland style was very popular East Sea two pairs won. D-CLONE is put on the guts of Japanese D-Beat based on bomb-grade raw sound and noise in chaotic Lowe / megaton turned into a punk D-Beat worship FOLKEIIS is raging pure slash away from style, unmistakable old school style while pursuing originality explodes. I'm afraid I can't explain debatable 00 wind and, in this smashing sound great!

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