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MIKEY ERG "Tentative Decisions" LP
Don Giovanni Records

MIKEY ERG "Tentative Decisions" LP


Having played on numerous records, accompanying so many other artists on the drums, Tentative Decisions is the first true Mikey Erg solo effort. It'€™s Mikey down to the nuts and bolts. It's also the first album of original material he's released since The Ergs €"Upstairs/Downstairs"€, nearly ten years ago. The familiar, second-generation Ramones worship is in tact, which will satisfy the diehard fans hoping against hope that Mikey will get the old band back together. But there are nuanced touches that make Tentative Decisions wholly unique in the canon of Mikey's prolific output. Moments that touch on almost Celtic and British folk influences in their melodic structure act to refine the blaring down-stroked power chords and driving mid-tempo pop punk drum patterns. Most of the songs were written in the latter half of last year, Mikey says. €œIt came together pretty quickly which I love. Everything about the record fell into place totally organically. For a musician with as many notches in his belt as Mikey Erg, it can be difficult to determine the impact of, and weigh the meaning behind each particular release. But Tentative Decisions is the closest thing you can get to an unaltered Mikey expression, maybe even moreso than some of the most celebrated albums he's released over the years.