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MILK MUSIC "Cruise Your Illusion" LP
Perennial Records

MILK MUSIC "Cruise Your Illusion" LP


Combining the driving hooks of the Wipers, slashing riffs of Husker Du, and melodic-on-the-edge-of-control vocals of early Dinosaur Jr., Milk Music reinvent early to mid '80s SST-style hardcore punk and '90s lo-fi Pacific Northwest influences for a new generation. Formed in Olympia, Washington, the band is comprised of singer/guitarist Alex Coxen, drummer Joe Rutter, guitarist Charles Warring, and bassist Dave Harris. A self-titled, self-released cassette offered in 2009 introduced listeners to their anthemic, thrashing sound, followed a year later bt the Beyond Living EP, which found a wider release in 2011 with the Perennial label. This, Cruise Your Illusion, is their full length debut for Fat Possum Records. All the familiar elements slightly borrowed from the above references are here by they've added some atmospheric fuzz-jams reminiscent of Neil Young and Crazy Horse and diversified their songwriting to add elements of offbeat songwriting like labelmate Townes Van Zandt. Singer Alex Coxen sounds as blazed as he does disenchanted with all things rule oriented.