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MISFITS "Legacy of Brutality" LP
Caroline Records

MISFITS "Legacy of Brutality" LP


'Legacy of Brutality' is a compilation album from American punk/rock band Misfits, featuring selections of their early work, including rare singles and alternate takes. 'Legacy of Brutality' draws from Misfits recordings made between October 1977 and June 1981, though the majority of the material comes from unissued tracks off of the Misfit's 1978 debut album, 'Static Age'. Also included are A-sides of singles, 'Halloween', 'Who Killed Marilyn?', and, 'American Nightmare' - 'Legacy of Brutality' is the only place besides 'Box Set' where you can find the latter track. The material from 'Static Age' was overdubbed and remixed by Glenn Danzig, the lead singer of Misfits. The Misfits still stand as the benchmark for punk, and 'Legacy of Brutality' is an intriguing look into their earlier, and more alternative, material.