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MISFITS "Walk Among Us: Alternate Takes" LP (Splatter Vinyl)
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MISFITS "Walk Among Us: Alternate Takes" LP (Splatter Vinyl)


According to Jerry Only, the name of this studio may actually have been New Found Sounds. On "American Nightmare," Danzig used a 1957 Gretsch guitar. "20 Eyes" is extremely similar to the August 1981 version but has a simpler drum beat, a different guitar strumming style, and a slightly different vocal track. "I Turned Into A Martian" differs slightly from later versions with its vocal track and ending. "Astro Zombies" has a simpler drum track and prominent background vocal track absent from later versions. "Devils Whorehouse" has an extra vocal track in the background and slightly different instrumentation from later versions. All songs are slower than later versions and include much guitar feedback.