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IF IN THE YEAR 1969, road-weary, garage-monotony-escaping Texas psych wizards picked up some electronic trinkets and united with heavy, proto-metal gods in a frenzy of aural worship on a transcendental journey through the middle of ancient ruins in a vast and endless metaphysical desert where every sound reverberates at cosmic proportions and they came upon a freaky Hammond haloed in heat waves and there, liberated of the confines of time and place , slammed out blissful, melancholy chords that shook from the shadows a tribe of Euro prog lords wielding silver flutes, took peyote and listened to tape recordings of kraut and Bach simultaneously, only long enough to get naked to a synth freak beat, creating rhythmic head bangers, seething guitar riffs, ominous organ howls and vocals stolen from wind storms, etching out sounds equally as catchy and intense as they are dark and mystic, and 9 months after this very sweaty, unforgettable orgy, had a futuristic, long-haired space baby, it would be called MONDO DRAG. Under the spiritual guidance of the forefathers of heavy psych, prog, and proto-metal, Mondo Drag has created an amalgamation of sounds the likes of which have not resounded through the atmosphere for decades. The creatures known as Mondo Drag hailed from deep along the banks of the wild Mississippi River where they created ominous, spiritual, savage psychedelic revival sounds. Summoned to the edge of the Earth, they journeyed west, collecting new sounds reminiscent of desert scapes, acid dreams, all-night prog vinyl spinning and a dark galaxy of protometal swirls, exalting the band unto new, wickedly brilliant horizons. Now settled in the deep realms of Oakland, the ensemble continues to create cosmically proportioned, churning jams evocative of a rainbow of obvious inspirations but also numinous new sounds emerging from the organ – heavy riffs. If you love Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Can, Atomic Rooster, Hawkwind, Budgie, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple ,Italian prog, Krautrock in general, and heavy space-outs….get into Mondo Drag. They’ll knock your socks off, let your hair down and take you on a mind’s eye exploration you won’t soon forget. Though they exude love for the spiraling tapestry of heavy psychedelia of the past, they are on a rock and roll mission all their own: an unearthed prog band, futuristic in their time capsule, rocketing forward through the depths, gathering the sounds of space itself.