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MOTHER'S CHILDREN "Are You Tough Enough?" LP
Taken By Surprise Records

MOTHER'S CHILDREN "Are You Tough Enough?" LP

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Canada seems to be the new fertile ground for smashing powerpop. MOTHER'S CHILDREN hail from Ottawa, the same place as great bands like SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND (who they share a member with), WHITE WIRES and many others are from and keep making me go GAGA. This 6 track 12" is the follow up to their well received THAT'S WHO! LP on DERANGED. Dirk Klotzbach from OX put it this way (I fully agree!): I really hope that you all followed my call up from OX # 92 in the meanwhile and have bought yourself a copy of MOTHER`S CHILDREN "That«s Who" Debut LP. So just to make it clear once again, there is no excuse ! The same as great as mentioned LP is this follow-up 12" from the Canadians. Power Pop Glam«n«Roll driven to perfection that should be spinning on your record player multiple times a day and that still is on a par with it«s musical archetypes. Take your personal hits from the first three Powerpearls Compilations add it up with the two episodes of Killed By Glam, listen to "Milk & Alcohol" and "She«s A Windup" by DR. FEELGOOD once again, don«t forget your BOYS, STIFFS and FAST CARS records and imagine you would be warped right back to the Seventies where you would be seeing all those bands live on stage, because this is the moment when you realize that you are dancing and beerspitting right in front of the stage of a MOTHER`S CHILDREN show. Maybe you«ll even meet Noddy Holder or Gary Holton there on your timewarp.