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MURO "En Vivo En El Festival Asfixia Benefit" Tape
Total Peace Records

MURO "En Vivo En El Festival Asfixia Benefit" Tape


For the last half of a decade Muro from Bogotá, Colombia have been churning out urgent and exciting hardcore punk that sounds both totally timeless and forward thinking. Recalling the passion and aural chaos of Wretched blended with stop and start precision of a band like Gauze, Muro have etched out a corner in punk unto themselves. Nowhere is this more evident than this tape, an off the board live recording of Muro at their most visceral. If not for the tell tale signs of a live recording like clapping and the occasional sound of a singer catching their breath between songs it would be impossible to tell this wasn’t a studio recording. It’s hard to imagine a band more on top of their game, nor a band who better represents hardcore punk at its best. Radical, empowering, awe inspiring, Muro reminds us we can push back against our unfair and hostile world. Strictly limited, professionally dubbed cassettes housed in double sided j cards with brand new art, complete with small and large pins unique to this release. All proceeds go to benefit a full tour of the United States for this truly special band. Available in North America only.