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NASTY FACTS "Drive My Car + 2" LP
Left for Dead Records

NASTY FACTS "Drive My Car + 2" LP


Finally a proper reissue of this KBD classic!! What we have here is an official 12" version of Nasty Facts' sole three song EP from 1981. Features the remastered ep in its entirety plus a bonus poster repro and liner notes. The original 7" fetches around $200-300 these days, and for good reason; not only are these three tracks the only known recorded material from the band, but they are fuckin great!!! Catchy and gritty power-pop-punk-rock-n-roll!!!! First pressings of this reissue sold out fast, but we were able to grab a few of this repress (ltd. to 400 on black vinyl). These will disappear quick I'm sure of it, so grab one while you can!!