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NEU! "Neu!" LP
Groenland Records

NEU! "Neu!" LP


Neu! is the 1972 debut album by German krautrock band Neu! Neu! were one of the more important German Krautrock bands of the 70's (Krautrock meaning experimental 70's rock from Germany) and were, despite the fact that they didn't actually use a lot of synthesizers, an important influence modern electronic dance music. They were a duo comprised of drummer/multi-instrumentalist Klaus Dinger and guitarist Michael Rother who both used to be in the kraftiest of all werks: Kraftwerk (also an influential proto-dance ensemble). Neu! lasted for 3 albums, then transformed into La Düsseldorf (who I personally haven't listened to) and then finally called it quits sometime in the 80's. One thing's for sure: If you intend to get into Krautrock and/or dig up the roots of modern electronica, there's no way 'round Neu!