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NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE "Claustrophobic" 7"
Grave Mistake Records

NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE "Claustrophobic" 7"

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On their second E.P. (and third vinyl output) California's NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE bring you five more discordant cuts of raw and explosive hardcore!  If you were lucky enough to grab either their demo 7" or the MINDLESS VIOLENCE E.P. on WAY BACK WHEN / EVEN WORSE  you have an idea of what to expect: fast and biting hardcore that combines a range of influences and elements from early boston and california hc to japanese hardcore.  With this new E.P., NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE have honed their sound even tighter and cranked up the power and intensity times ten, pummeling you with a nonstop barrage of sonic insanity.

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