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NITAD "Världen måste dö" 7"
Deranged Records

NITAD "Världen måste dö" 7"

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Stockholm, Sweden 2005 - Nitad is born as a result of boredom, and a way for these old punk rockers to get back to their roots, and a common interest of drinking alcohol. After all, Nitad is the Swedish word for wasted... The members can also be found in bands such as Nine, Dims Rebellion, Revelling Blind and more... The 7", called "Världen måste dö" (The world must die) on Deranged Records represents the best of the band's songs to date taken from two demo sessions. If you take one part of old US-hardcore (Black Flag, MIA, Zero Boys etc) and mix it in a blender together with early Scandinavian punk (Ebba Grön, KSMB, Tervet Kädet etc) and sing it in Swedish you get a rough idea of what it's all about. Expect more releases by NITAD on Deranged in the near future.