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NONA "Through the Head" LP
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NONA "Through the Head" LP

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How would you feel about mixing your grunge with some indie pop? Philly-based rock group NONA presents an extremely interesting take on indie punk with Through The Head. Vocalist Mimi Gallagher has a voice that is sure to warrant strong opinions. Rarely if ever has a punk band been so unabashedly twee. Their sound is a nice interplay between punkish alternative rock and grunge. The riffs find that right balance between hard-hitting and melodic. Even when the band slows things down a bit, the results are worthwhile (see “Bottles”). NONA is already a fairly polished group, built upon impressive songwriting and razor-sharp hooks. It’s absolutely a listen that won’t initially stick, but if you can learn to appreciate Mimi’s vocals, you will be handsomely rewarded.