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NUBS, THE "I Don't Need You" 7"
Last Laugh Records

NUBS, THE "I Don't Need You" 7"


Nubs frontman BJ Branch crawled across the same beer-soaked stages as hometown pals the Jabbers, logging hundreds of gigs in the New England area during the band's six-year existence. The fuzzbox shredding on "I Don't Need You (Cause I Got Me)" has long stood in fine mix tape company sandwiched between the Mentally Ill and the Maids. Recorded in 1979 at NCS studios in New Hampshire, the Nubs left behind plenty of negative vibes for a young Kevin Allin to soak up while recording his LP tracks shortly thereafter. Transferred straight from the analog masters, and guaranteed to sound just as twisted 33 years later. NOW WITH PICTURE SLEEVE!