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OMEGAS "Blasts of Lunacy (US Version)" LP
Parts Unknown Records

OMEGAS "Blasts of Lunacy (US Version)" LP

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"Montreal-based, lords of slam-skank Omegas have to be one of the best bands in hardcore at the moment. Their brand of anthemic hardcore gives devotion to their NYHC influences with a uniquely snarky street punk attitude, all of which is filtered through a little crazy, making the title of their debut LP, Blasts Of Lunacy, all too appropriate.... Blasts of Lunacy is twelve tracks of hardcore wizardry. This particular release sees the band emphasizing their NYHC influences even more than on previous material. With this 23-minute LP, the band has proven that it is able to maintain momentum through an entire full length and that their particular brand of over-the-top hardcore, that for some reason that I cannot explain, never veers into stupidity or inane absurdity. When a band is able to get you to chant "Taste the street meat" or "You got your first shocks of manhood," they must really have something special going for them. These sound ridiculous, but they fit the context of the band's aesthetic, the songs themselves, and their respective records. The band delivers hit after hit, banger after banger. It would be pointless (and unnecessarily boring) to analyze each track on here, but I will say that my favorites (as of now) are "F.S.O.M." (the new "Street Meet"), "You Ain't Nuthin," and the band's credo, "Slam Skank." Ultimately, this is definitely one of my favorite LPs to come out this year and I can't see why this won't be considered one of the best hardcore records of the year. It's just too addictive." -