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PARANOID "Heavy Mental Fuck Up!" LP
Konton Crasher Records

PARANOID "Heavy Mental Fuck Up!" LP


偏執症者 (Paranoid) returns with their second album Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!! The new album is rawer, darker and features a more metallic sound than their hyped and distorted debut Satyagraha. A clearer recording gives more space to the sheer brutality and the extreme edges get even more extreme as the band crank it up with chainsaw solos. Adding more metal to their influences that range from Swedish d-beat raw punk to Japanese hardcore sets the band on the same path as early 80’s extreme metal bands such as Celtic Frost, Sodom or Possessed. Uncompromising and destructive! With Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! Paranoid shows that they have been one of the best kept hellish Rock n’ Roll metal punk bands from the underground scene. Until now! Paranoid are and have previously been active in bands such as Totalt Jävla Mörker, Desperat, Warvictims, Brottskod 11 and Hypertension that have brought us Swedish raw punk and speed thrash metal for more than a decade.