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"The shape of punk would seem malleable, as would explain the designations of all the sub-genres and the “true heads” incessantly denoting its death way back when. But one iteration we haven’t seen too much of, is the one taken by NYC outfit Pinocchio, who just released their debut 7” EP via Toxic State Records. I first saw them open for the Murderer LP release at Union Pool (and now they’re apparently opening for fucking BIKINI KILL in June), and I remember standing, mouth agape, half smiling like some kid watching The Matrix for the first time. Fronted by none other than Mary Jane Dunphe (VEXX, CC DUST, The County Liners), there lies a playful turbulence at the base of these eight songs. Some are paired in Vol.1 / Vol. 2, vaguely resembling one another, but they all contain the impish glee of the dovetailed mock-laughter on opener “MY TIME VOL.1” and closer “YOUR TIME.”

And this is not to say this joviality is all there is to this album, this band, like some fucking kid’s joke. Italian folklore name or not, it’s still punk music…it’s still rife with speed and passion and indignation. “LIGHT SPEED VOL. 1” goes at the rate its title suggests, Dunphe’s vicious screams grounding everything, like what you might hear falling out of a window at a New Year’s Eve party. Its Second Volume carries that fury, that unease, demonic howls and breakneck rhythms. There’s ONE song over two minutes-long, middleman “Behind You,” its no-nonsense main riff simultaneously shaking at your feet and crawling over the rest of your body like some unidentifiable bugs conjured during a bad trip. And “Trick Plane” has virtually two songs in its 1:31 lifespan, a feat in itself, with a wholly new theme being introduced a minute in, and you wish it would go on for double the length goddamn it’s so good. As quickly as it enters and exits your life, so much has happened by its end, and it’s already high time for another spin. Wow."