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PIXIES "Wave of Mutilation: Best" 2LP
4AD Records

PIXIES "Wave of Mutilation: Best" 2LP


During their six years together, The Pixies released five albums to fan, peer, and critical acclaim. This best of album runs almost chronologically and expands on the previous comp, Death to the Pixies with a couple B-sides, the live favorite "Into the White," and a cover of Neil Young's "Winterlong." 'This compilation's track listing is in more or less chronological order (although Surfer Rosa's "Where Is My Mind?" pops up in the middle of the album, after a string of Doolittle tracks), which helps the flow of the collection; since each of the Pixies' albums had its own distinctive feel, the cut'n'paste approach of the previous best-of didn't always serve the songs it collected. More importantly, Wave of Mutilation boasts twenty-three songs, as opposed to the seventeen on the best-of disc on Death to the Pixies . . . In some ways, for die-hard Pixies fans it's easier to miss what isn't here than to appreciate what is; then again, fans can (and probably have) made their own master mixes of what they consider the Pixies' greatest hits. Even though the best way to experience the band is still devouring each of their albums, Wave of Mutilation: The Best of the Pixies is intended as a primer to their work, and - fannish nitpicking aside - it's a far better overview than what was available before.' - Heather Phares / All Music Guide

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