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POLS "Agrieta el Asfaito" LP
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POLS "Agrieta el Asfaito" LP


New band and new punk generation in Barcelona, although these boys and girls have been with maximum activity and involvement in everything related to DIY in the city for a long time. As part of the future of the city, the LA PLAGA DIY collective offers us an intense and melodic proposal. Full of feelings about anarchy and fighting for recovering what was lost and belong to us, something that is reflected on their 100% direct and politicized lyrics, something that is increasingly lacking in punk (and I raise my hand as the first). Their sound takes as its axis the Hardcore and fast and melodious punk of bands like ACCIDENTE or PETROGRAD or even DUELO but maybe in some songs there are more raw and old school brushstrokes ... but these people do not get lazy with anything and go through sounds more rumba or rap as in "Barcelona" or "Pöls" without ever losing the essence of punk, the struggle and the commitment to anarchy. A whole declaration of principles throughout 10 songs without waste presented on GREEN ECO vinyl, a 300gr printed inner folder and a 350gr outer folder with art by its vocalist Klara. Includes extra insert and seeds to crack the asphalt and reseed the lost. Limited to 300 copies and edited with El lokal in Barcelona and A-Z shop in Japan.