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POWER "The Fool" 7"
Feel It Records

POWER "The Fool" 7"

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POWER is - and has been the real deal for quite some time. This single serves not only as a testament to that fact, but showcases two of POWER's best creations yet. Like thunder rips across the sky, the pounding drums on ǃˆ_—__The Foolǃˆ_—_• signal the oncoming storm of slashing rock and roll. The single sees POWER explore a side of band which has always been simmering beneath the surface - and it seems the time was right for them to unleash these raw new tunes without holding back. Pure electric guitar damage from this most formidable three-piece. With the ǃˆ_—__The Foolǃˆ_—_• cutting a figure which couldǃˆ_—_•ve been found backstage at a show headlined by Venom and The Stooges, the flip, 'Give It All To Meǃˆ_—_• displays a range of heavier melodies intoned by 80ǃˆ_—_•s cult groups such as Wicked Lady and Iron Claw. POWER have stayed true to themselves and continued to ride towards to the storm.