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PROTRUDERS "Poison Future" LP
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PROTRUDERS "Poison Future" LP

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"After four self-released cassettes, Montrǃˆ_Ü__¨®¨©al's premier art-punk/neo-proto-punk band Protruders makes its vinyl debut with a 25-minute 12-inch of very groovy sounds. The sound is a bit clearer and maybe a little beefierǃˆ_—____Î__‹some of the noise gives way to a more relaxed and expansive approach. The psych quotient is higher. But the heart of the band is still beating for the sort of raw open-minded non-generic punk that once came from the likes of Rocket From The Tombs, Swell Maps, Dead Moon, Dancing Cigarettes, etc. ǃˆ_—____Î__Fruit Hangǃˆ_—____Î__ has a perfect mid-70s style garage feelǃˆ_—____Î__‹like a Boston pre-punk band tearinǃˆ_—____Î_¨ï it up at the Rat! This could be the hit, kidz! Skronky sax gives ǃˆ_—____Î__Hydrophytolǃˆ_—____Î__ a kinda Hawkwind/no-wave feel. And dig ǃˆ_—____Î__No Stoneǃˆ_—____Î__ǃˆ_—____Î__‹a slower one, catchy as hellǃˆ_—____Î__‹I swear it could pass for an outtake from the Saints circa 1978. Solidǃˆ_—____Î__‹another hit! At five minutes, the title track stretches things out a bit. This one has a definite Ubu/Voidoids vibeǃˆ_—____Î__‹nasty angular spazz-punk with a little more sax blat added. Very nice guitar stuff happening here. We get some weirdo HC action on ǃˆ_—____Î__Stabilizerǃˆ_—____Î__ and more hot guitar squiggles. ǃˆ_—____Î__Tax 101ǃˆ_—____Î__ is maybe a ǃˆ_—____Î__typicalǃˆ_—____Î__ Protruders songǃˆ_—____Î__‹that means good! ǃˆ_—____Î__Wrong Way Sign,ǃˆ_—____Î__ pushes things over the six-minute mark, with a strong psych-punk feel (Wipers?) and some totally swell rock-jam stuff at the end. Wow. This record is a significant step for the band and an impressive way to start their vinyl career as they gain the higher visibility they deserve. Most excellent!" -Eddie Flowers (Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos)