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PROXY "Police Car" 7"
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PROXY "Police Car" 7"


Three song ep, the 2nd slab of wax from Montreal's PROXY, seamlessly blends aspects of GBH, MOTORHEAD and TOXIC REASONS. "Police Car" starts off this ep delivering an absolutely unapologetic smash anthem. If you're not used to singing along word-for-word, you better get used to it! "Fountain of Youth" rounds out Side A, powerfully catchy and reminiscent of 80s UK punk greats. "Parasites" on the B Side treads down a slightly more experimental HAWKWIND path, though equally as blistering in solos, bass work and vocal delivery. Features former and current members of INEPSY, KONTEMPT and TRUNCHEONS. 600 pressed w/ cover art by Eugene Terry (Crazy Spirit/Perdition). Catch them this September in Vancouver for the 9th and final DISTORT VANCOUVER FEST!