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Pure Disgust took DC by storm when they released their demo with their unique brand of wicked anthemic harDCore with strong socio-political lyrics. Since then they’ve grown incredibly tight and upped their ferocity with an intense live to boot. These young guns, ranging in age from only 15-21, successfully capture their anger and urgency on vinyl with their brand of brute force HC a la LIFE’S BLOOD, while still kicking out memorable punk riffs in the same way that BLITZ leave songs in our heads. Pure Disgust has become a force to be reckoned with and there is little doubt that this scorching platter will turn heads far and wide.

These are from the 2nd Pressing, Gold Vinyl out of 200 available 

2nd Press:

200 - Gold Vinyl

500 - Black Vinyl

*Stores and Distros - Grave Mistake is now doing all distribution on this release so please contact me if you would like wholesale copies.

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