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ROHT "Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess" LP
Iron Lung Records

ROHT "Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess" LP


Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess which roughly translates to "Industry and its Future", is taking the oddity and isolationism of hardcore punk and industrial noise and smashing them even further together than they did on previous releases. This is the sound of a band perfecting its approach to the world. And we can't get enough. At first listen it is what seems to be a simple formula of bass, noise, drums and vocals but as you continue to listen, delicate layers of depression, life, anger, creativity, emergence and deconstruction begin to unfold until you find yourself trapped in a dystopian clamor void of hellish nothingness. Industry and its future indeed. Housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with printed inner sleeve and download card included.