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ROKY ERICKSON & THE ALIENS "The Modern Humans' Show" LP
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ROKY ERICKSON & THE ALIENS "The Modern Humans' Show" LP


This is one of the greatest radio shows ever made onto a record as it combines a Radio interview with Roky Erickson in full gloom while he is presenting the demos of tracks that ended up on the great The Evil One LP. Earlier versions of Mine Mine Mind, Two Headed Dog, and Click Your Fingers applauding the play previously released on vinyl by France's Sponge Records in 1976. The bonuses (interviews, demos, rarities) are dandy, but the album is treasure enough. Its retro-metal chops have more kaboom than the irony-diluted pap of current poseurs, and its bent lyrics mop the floor with wannabe-kooks like Jad Fair. Some savvy touches- such as Roky's progressive pre-PC designation that the swamp monsters are 'alligator-persons'- hint that Roky was more lucid than he let on.