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SAMIAM "You Are Freaking Me Out" LP
No Idea Records

SAMIAM "You Are Freaking Me Out" LP


Second full length from Berkley's SAMIAM. Atlantic Records and Burning Hearts promoted the post-NRA releases "Clumsy" and "You Are Freaking Me Out", yielding 2 MTV videos. * Numerous nation-wide and European tours * Colored vinyl * Now on Hopeless Records SAMIAM formed in the Berkeley in 1989 from the remains of SOCIAL UNREST (James Brogan), ISOCRACY (Jason Beebout & Martin Brohm), and SWEET BABY (Sergie Loobkoff).BAM magazine in North California proclaimed SAMIAM as leaders of the new sound "Melodicore". Jason Beebout's voice is both shearing and infectious while the music, written by Loobkoff and Brogan is power packed hardcore with acrobatic time changes.

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