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SANG "Mon Oblidat" 7"
La Vida Es Un Mus Records

SANG "Mon Oblidat" 7"


"SANG‘s ‘Món Oblidat’ destroys everything in its path, literally, with a coruscating deluge of rasping guitars and venomous vocals. Drenched in feedback; drowning in gain; writhing in squall; entombed in overdriven distortion: riffs the size of Godzilla stomp through the genre-ghetto, laying waste to lesser-mortals, with a wagging tail the size of an aural tsunami. Total devastation is all that remains in the wake of this record. If you thought Barcelona‘s ‘Extremo Nihilismo En Barcelona’ was the last word in ferocity, then prepare your flabber for pure gastation." 500 back vinyl 7"s in sleeves silkscreened by the band. _

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