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SCHOOL JERKS "Decline" 7"
Cowabunga Records

SCHOOL JERKS "Decline" 7"

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Here is the 2nd EP from Toronto's School Jerks. This one is 1 song more than the debut on Riff Raff, plus this EP also is a lot more loose and raw than its preceeding record. Comparisons to the Regulations occur to the feeble minded. Personally I don't hear it, the guys think maybe Amdi Petersens Arme is the only modern band they maybe could be compared to which I see a little bit but I most certainly do hear 'Inside my Brain' era Angry Samoans and 'Jealous Again' era Black Flag moments from this band though its still def not a shallow ripoff band either as these former Terminal State alumni dip into inspirations you'd not guess. The band is punk and that is all that matters here and this is a great record if you are a fan of the early 80's SoCal sound from the LA area, not OC. Glossy covers with SJ logo sticker on the polybag with a cool Easy Rider theme inspired piece of art for the cover