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SHIRKS, THE "Action Men" 7"
Cricket Cemetary Records

SHIRKS, THE "Action Men" 7"

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Hell Yes!! The newest single from DC's THE SHIRKS and the boys churn out yet another hit. It's pretty impressive how The Shirks have gotten their writing style down to perfection to the point where they can continue to write such catchy songs without falling into the trap of "more of the same, just not as good" ... always keeping the level of writing high as can be, and that is a definite sign of a great band. If you were already a fan, you will love this record, and if you are still uninitiated then this single is just a good of a starting point as the others! So pick this up, then pick up their s/t LP and "Cry Cry Cry" 7" (both on GM) if you haven't yet! "The Shirks aren't biting off more than they can chew here: The 7-inch is a three-songer of the same crunchy, snot-drizzled quality as its recent self-titled LP, with minimal "guitar work" (The Shirks probably don't use that term) and an anthem with a philosophy we should all get behind: "Gimmie Less."" -

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