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Residue Records



Punishing debut LP by one of the best new hardcore bands to come around in years! An unrelenting, dark, and ultimately raging record that combines the brutal edge of a DIE KREUZEN mixed with the hardcore melody of a ARTICLES OF FAITH. Yet this band sounds new and fresh and not attempting to ape past hardcore genres. SICKOIDS have an incredible driving sound that is harsh but also has a intense controlled chaos. The rhythms are fierce and hit with procession and are brilliantly matched with the chorus style guitar that hits like a knife in the chest. This recording just pounds away at the listener and barely gives you a chance to breath. Tracks like "My Curse", "Psychic Cold War", "Bleached Bodies" jump off the record as each song blurs into the next. This dynamic three piece is made up of Vince and Rob from WITCH HUNT and Eric from GOVERNMENT WARNING and DIRECT CONTROL. SICKOIDS are an amazing live band so do not miss your chance to see these guys and pick this record up!

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