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SIN RITMO "Sonidos Barbajanes" 7”
Planeta Destrozado

SIN RITMO "Sonidos Barbajanes" 7”


Sin Ritmo is members of Fuga, Cadenaxo, Degenere, Secreto Publico and others. They are based mostly in DF (Mexico City) with 2 members in Santa Ana, California. As a followup to a demo (which is also on the link below) they will be touring somewhat soon in the US! (after Covid-19 goes away or is subdued)." Debut 7” from this band whose members are split between Mexico City and California, and who also serve in Fuga and Cadenaxo, among others. Sin Ritmo’s sound isn’t tethered to any particular punk subgenre, incorporating elements of d-beat, UK82 punk, USHC, and even garage rock (they love that Ramones-style ultra fast closed hi-hat thing). Rather than sounding unfocused, on Sonidos Barbajanes, Sin Ritmo sounds agile and flexible, packing these songs with dramatic shifts in rhythm and tight technical flourishes. The recording sounds great, and they strike a unique balance between catchiness and anger. I can’t think of another record that sounds quite like Sonidos Barbajanes, and that’s a very high compliment in punk circa 2020." -