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SOLDIER'S DISEASE "No Flags Fly Here / No Allegiance" Tape
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SOLDIER'S DISEASE "No Flags Fly Here / No Allegiance" Tape


Raging lo-fi US-style hardcore from Austin, TX.

"Texas has been sprouting Koro-influenced hardcore bands at a pace that’s making me consider picking up and moving there, and the latest name on the roster is Austin’s Soldier’s Disease. Like Nosferatu and Violent Christians, Soldier’s Disease borrows Koro’s quick changes, epic drum fills, and manic, compressed rhythms, but perhaps even more than those bands, Soldier’s Disease’s songwriting still has a punk (maybe even pop?) core. While a lot of ultra-fast music can stray into grind or other derivatives of metal, Soldier’s Disease sounds like they’re playing great punk songs at insanely fast tempos, which is pretty much exactly what I want from music. Another thing that sets them apart is that something about the bass sound reminds me of early 80s Japanese hardcore. I’m not sure if it’s just the way it’s recorded (lots of low end and very little attack) or the way it’s played (which incorporates some of the bounciness I associate with 80s Japanese punk bass) or some combination of both. Regardless, Soldier’s Disease reminds me of both classic 80s USHC and obscure 80s Japanese punk, two styles that are pillars of my listening diet, and they do both proud." - Sorry State