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SONNY VINCENT "Cyanide Consomme" LP
Big Neck Records

SONNY VINCENT "Cyanide Consomme" LP


This record is blazing hot. If you think Sonny has slowed down at any point you are mistaken this record has tougher guitar riffs and more hooks than I have heard since The Testors. If you do not know who Sonny Vincent is, then you have been in a punk rock coma. Sonny started the Testors back in 1975 and played with the likes of the Dead Boys, The Cramps and Suicide. In the early 80's the Testors disbanded and Sonny ended up playing over the next couple decades with members of the Replacements, Velvet Underground, Dead Boys, Husker Du, and Devil Dogs. In his career, Sonny has released over 20 records of rock n roll.