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Deranged Records*



“The fastest band on six legs”. It’s a moniker that can bring up a few different ideas but if you were thinking of tired thrash, played with light hands and tight leads you’d be wrong. This Vancouver bands rhythm section, phoenixed from the ashes of Nervous Talk after they decided that a drummer for local post punk act, Spectres, would look good playing guitar. Not caring in the slightest that he had barely started playing 6 strings. Mastering Ramones-esque guitar playing quickly was simple with people of like-minded prowess. It helped that he didn’t look like some wimp. All members stand over 6 feet tall. Fashion over function works for most bands but there was something special right from the start with this 3-piece. This is punk rock based in it’s classic formation, with a modern edge to it that was attempted by bands like The Carbonas and surpassed by Sore Points on their 1st 7” on Hosehead Records. The hallmarks of tight quarter notes, barely time for a fill braces a neverending downstroke mastered in record time by a brand new player. Relentless, Rocket to Russia buzzsaw at an amphetamine pace with shouted, frantic vocals pushed over top of a hurricane distortion. Just enough bent-note leads to compliment the overall package without taking away any of the impact. Immediately, it was the same shining moment you got from the 1st wave of punk. Like when The Cortinas lapped The Ramones in speed on “Fascist Dictator”. Or what would’ve happened if Slaughter and the Dogs dropped the Bowie act and went full-tilt Iggy-when-he-was-crawling-on-broken-glass-at-Max’s. A tougher, grimier Dark Thoughts. Or a less melodic, more unhinged Marked Men might be apt for a modern comparison.